Michel Grappe
Children Under Adult Constraint
Thanks to his experience on the field (he currently runs a mission for refugees in former Yugoslavia) this psychiatrist who specialises in childhood and teenage problems, particularly in traumas caused by war or destitution, reminds us that the mother/child relationship is of foremost importance, as is an environment in which dreams have their own place.

Ricardo Davila Wood
From Chernobyl to Tarará

Since 1990 some 12,000 children from Ukraine and Bielorussia, who were exposed to nuclear radiation following the Chernobyl disaster have received medical care in a Cuban hospital: most of them are treated either for leukemia or for very serious skin diseases. Ricardo Davila Wood, a Spanish photographer, has met some of these victims who spend several weeks or months in a hospital entirely funded by Castro's government. Under the Caribbean sun, they learn how to live again.

Samer Mohdad
Al Fatah's Lion Cubs

In Lebanon, in camps under Syrian or PLO control, the soldiers of tomorrow are being trained. War orphans or the children of warriors, these boys and girls receive the same military instruction: weapons handling, guerrilla training and ideological indoctrination are some of the highlights of their education. Samer Mohdad, a Lebanese citizen living in Switzerland, shared the life of these children-soldiers: his photos were collected in a book called Les Enfants de la guerre du Liban 1985-1992 (War children ' Lebanon 1985-1992) (Musée de l'Élysée,Lausanne / Agence VU, Paris 1993).