Carl De Keyzer
Three Colours Grey

After India (India, 1987), the Soviet Union (Homo Sovieticus, 1989) and religion in the US (God Inc., 1992), the Belgian born Carl De Keyzer, member of Magnum agency since last June, accompanied by Ine Pisters, studies the changes (or absence of changes) in Central Europe since the Iron Curtain was torn down. First leg of this long investigation, Poland, where Catholicism has recovered all its grip but where, simultaneously, one can notice an irrepressible desire to mimic occidental values or at least its most obvious manifestations: luxury cars, jewellery and sex business. Poland hesitates between the Church and Dallas.

Sylvia Plachy
The Mended Banner

In Transylvania, a region in Rumania with a Hungarian majority, a young monk has decided to retire from this world and to live as a hermit on top of a mountain. Visitors driven by curiosity and respectful pilgrims help him out as he takes care of the orphans of a nearby village. With him, Sylvia Plachy, a Village Voice photographer and author of the excellent Unguided Tour (Aperture, 1990), has rediscovered the atmosphere of her Hungarian childhood.

Alain Dister True East

From Kertész and Heinrich Zille to the recent events 'among which the fake Timisoara mass grave' an overview of the way Eastern Europe has been photographed inside and out for the last century.

Seen and Read
Alain D'Hooghe Avedon's Evidence

The 50-year long career of the American master of portrait photography (among other things) summarised in a referential book and exhibition.