Gérard Chaliand
People's Struggle

Be it through passive resistance or armed struggle, our times are characterised by the desire of recognition or independence of ethnic and/or religious minorities. A fast review of a century marked by exclusion, nationalism and genocide.

Hugues de Wurstemberger

Living in Belgium, the Swiss-french Hugues de Wurstemberger (1955) is a member of Agence VU since its creation in 1986. He obtained the "Prix Niépce" (France) in 1991. He was commissioned to do numerous assignments in France, Switzerland and Algeria and made important photo-essays on the papal guards, on rural communities, on the festivals of Venice, Avignon and Cannes (for 'Libération') and on the Philippines. During seven months spread over three years, de Wurstemberger and Didier Schmutz have been three times to Western Sahara and Morocco to try and document the Sahraoui drama. Except for serious problems with the Moroccan security, their main difficulty was to have the reportage published, as too often the Sahraoui are considered only as a 'small' problem.

Larry Towell

As a member of Magnum, the Canadian Larry Towell (1953) was a double laureate of the World Press in 1993: he obtained the 'Photograph of the Year' award for his image of children brandishing toy guns in the Gaza strip, as well as the first prize of the 'Daily Life Stories' for his series on the Mennonites. Larry Towell has made several stays in the Gaza Strip, before and after the signature of the peace agreements between Israel and the PLO granting partial autonomy to the Palestinians.