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Art of Middle Age

A highly interactive and audiovisual title, with a second interface based on HyperNotes, an Internet-ready hypertext notes and bookmark editing system.


Co-producted by: Gallimard, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Carré Multimédia
Art directed, designed and developed by: Magic Media

Milia's address:


Art of Middle Age is:

- a chronological approach, comparing art production on 3 parallel timelines for 3 civilisations: Occident, Byzance and Islam,
- about 1.000 works of art,
- 55 audiovisual sequences, 33 of them with high interactive control and possibility of zooming on the works,
- a visual intuitive high quality user interface with a rich network of interactive links.

Besides this interface, the HyperNotes system offers a sophisticated hypertext interface for a deeper exploration of the contents and for exchange of comments between users of the cd-rom.

HyperNotes provides the following features:
- easy access to the integral text of all audiovisual sequences and screens in hypertext format,
- hyperlinks to definitions, and to all screens and sequences in the cd-rom,
- glossary, table of contents, index, memory of navigation,
- a hypertext editor allowing one to compose his/her hypertext notes with full references to the cd-rom sequences. These can be used for commented bookmarks, personal notes, or discussions to be shared with other users of the cd-rom,
- a free text search engine,
- a HyperNotes file format allowing easy sharing between users and publishing through Internet.

If you want to see more information and pictures about the HyperNotes System, please, click here (only in French)