a non-profit association recently founded in Brussels by independent art critics, curators and culturally commited viewers to promote and develop exchanges between different cultures and within various contemporary arts.

Transcultures is not a gallery, an art agency, a foundation or a place...

Transcultures is an internationalist meeting point for interdisciplinary artists and other associations, for different cultures, traditions, teachings, means and media.

On specific concept, time and space, a selection of artists are gathered/commissioned to work on an interdisciplinary manifestation. Each proposal is both defined and open. CD's, publications, videos are also considered as original manifestations of specific research, works in progress or particuliar cultural encounters.

Transcultures is - so far- associated for its projects with the following artists:


Eric Sleichim and The Blindman Quartet (Belgium), David Shea (USA), Charles Hayward (UK), The Weshm Trio (Morocco), Ricardo Nova, Fausto Romitelli (Italy), Pierre Berthet (B), Dominique Repecaud, Frederic Le Junter (France), Jean-Christophe Renault (B), Martyn Bates (UK), Elliott Sharp (USA), Veronique Gillet & Terracota (Belgium/Venezuela), Lilith (USA), Paradise Now (France), Benjamin Lew (B), Anthony Coleman (USA).

Plastic Arts:

Yussuf Hadzifejzovic (Bosnia), Sarkis (Turkey), Filip Francis, Karel Schoetens (Belgium), Werner Moron, Ria Pacque (B), Henriette Dingemans (Holland), Aniceto Exposito Lopez (Spain), Veerle Pinckels, Trudo Engels (B), Michael Smith (Canada), Joseph Semah (Irak).


Regine Cirotteau (France), Thierry Vanbisen (Lebanon), Michel Moers (B), Michael Gibbs (UK), Michel Marcipont (B), Ira Cohen (USA).


Hanzel & Gretzel, Daphna Blancherie (F), Christine Dabague (Lebanon), Justin Bennet (UK), Paul Donker Duyvis (Holland), Metamkine.


Ira Cohen, Judith Malina, Gerard Malanga (USA) Habibah Sheikh (L), Nadine Ganase (UK), Orient & Mecaniques (B), BMB con performance (UK).

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