An exclusive cooperation between Michel Dusariez


Magic Media

The unique
Michel Dusariez's Panoptical camera offers

full 360 degrees horizontal range
and 105 degrees vertical range
in one unique shot on a standard film roll.

Some examples of his work
are shown as JPEG compressed picture of the original negative scan.

We also present them as Quicktime VR movies in 2 versions:
(the QTVR player is available at the Apple QTVR site)

1) Normal 320x240 window.
2) Wide viewing window of 600x240 (you need a fast machine).

10.000 Tori Park
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan

320x240 QTVR(809Ko)

600x240 QTVR(809Ko)

Jumbo Rocks
Joshua Tree National Monument, CA, USA

320x240 QTVR(743Ko)

600x240 QTVR(743Ko)

Fort Point
& Golden Gate
San Francisco, USA

320x240 QTVR(759Ko)

600x240 QTVR(759Ko)

Inside view
of Fort Point
San Francisco, USA

320x240 QTVR(776Ko)

600x240 QTVR(776Ko)

Grand Place
Brussels, Belgium

320x240 QTVR(792Ko)

600x240 QTVR(792Ko)

Wedding party

320x240 QTVR(743Ko)

600x240 QTVR(743Ko)

A Swimming Pool

320x240 QTVR(512Ko)

600x240 QTVR(512Ko)

Ordering, Prices and Contact

For all shooting, processing and programming services:
E-mail at of fax to Magic Media at 32-2-241-00-59 (Belgium, Brussels).

For prices, ordering and availability of cameras:
E-mail at Michel Dusariez